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Provisional admission may be granted on a case-by-case basis to an applicant from an institution lacking regional accreditation if the individual's grade point average is particularly strong and if the academic record includes course work in at least six of the areas listed below, counting no more than 12 credits from a single area toward the total of 60 semester hours of study.

  1. English/Speech
  2. History/Geography/Cultural Studies
  3. Philosophy/Ethics
  4. Psychology/Social Science/Management
  5. Fine Arts (Music, Art, Drama, Cinema)
  6. Natural Science
  7. Mathematics/Statistics
  8. Modern Foreign Languages
  9. Biblical Studies
  10. Religious Studies (History,Theology,Ministry)
  11. Biblical Languages
  12. Professional Studies

An individual accepted provisionally must complete no fewer than four or more than ten term hours with an average grade of at least C during the first term of enrollment at the NY Divinity School.



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